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Realistic Games has been about since 2002 and in that time have managed to carve out a decent reputation within the gambling industry. What’s been refreshing to see from Realistic Games is their honest approach towards the world of online casino after openly admitting in the early days that their products weren’t up to scratch. As a result, they went back to the drawing board and almost started completely from scratch; twice!

The company are based out of Berkshire, England and are actually one of few to be based in the UK within the ever-increasing list of software providers. The company offer up their games in a Java base, which means that they can be accessed via your desktop or even your mobile, without any need to download.

List of Realistic Games Casinos


Realistic offer a really steady range of games to choose from within their increasing back catalogue. What’s impressive to see is that they company aren’t afraid to pull games that are underperforming and also work alongside casinos to make sure that they are offering up the best possible games to suit their needs. Whilst we aren’t aware of any games being specifically requested by a single casino, they do state that if a casino were to ask, then they would accommodate, which a lot of companies simply would not.

What Realistic Games does really well is work with companies to get the best mobile experience for all their games. They use different products for testing from tablets to smartphones, Apple to Android and everything in between. There is no doubt that online casino is seeing a massive shift towards mobile play, so a feature like this is imperative to stay relevant in the marketplace.


In total there are 28 slots to choose from throughout the entire range, which are mix between 3-reel and 5-reel offerings. Each games has been individually designed and built to try and create a new theme or integrate a new feature, with no two games being the same in this respect. We did find that there was a fairly sizeable shift in quality between the 3-reel and 5-reel games though, with the latter having a much more modern feel to proceedings.

The games on the whole weren’t all that appealing, but it did include one or two decent titles that came in the form of Wild on Safari, Snapshot and Appeal 6. These offer a good mix of decent graphics, features, bonus rounds and jackpots between them. But, once again, we would have to compare these sorts of games to the likes of Microgaming and NetEnt, two of the best in the business, and we aren’t even sure that any of these would get into their catalogue at all, which is a shame.


There is just one blackjack game that’s on offer from Realistic Games, which is the classic version. But, the game does allow you to fire up quite a few customisations to the table and how it functions to make the game feel unique. For example, you are able to change things such as colour of the cloth, choice of cards, dealer voice, insurance options and game command buttons.

The game is fully functional with mobile devices as well and it will optimise as and when necessary. For example, on the desktop version you are going to be able to play 5 berths at the table, whereas on mobile this will slim down to just 3 to best use the limited screen real-estate that’s on offer.


Roulette follow a similar theme to blackjack in that there is the classic game on offer, but it becomes fully customisable once in the game. On top of that players are also going to be able to access the American version of roulette, which includes double zero in case you were wondering.

Other games

On top of all this, Realistic Games also include game variations of Keno, Hi-Lo Gambler (Video Poker) and Scratchcards.


As mentioned earlier in the article, Realistic Games have been about since 2002 based out of Berkshire, England. There have been several changes to the company to get to the one that you see today and whilst they have been about for a good while now, are still looking to keep changing and progressing in one of the most exciting sectors within the gambling industry.

Back in the early days between 2005 and 2009 the company only produced 6 games. They did strike deals with the likes of Ladbrokes and BetVictor at these times, but quickly realised that this was not the route they wanted to take, so closed the games down and started from scratch.

In 2008 the company launched ReGal, which was to be known as the Realistic Games Library for short. They spent the next couple of years designing new games and offering their services out as a casino platform, much like the one you see today. It took them a whilst to build up relations with already established brands, but by 2013 they had already secured spots on numerous casinos.

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