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Aristocrat Gaming has been about since 1953, making them one of the oldest distributors of online casino games in the industry. The company have worked tirelessly over the years to create new, exciting casino games and have gone from some of the most famous land-based games to now starting to really get a foothold within the online sector as well.

The company are based out of Sydney, Australia and they will be the first to admit that they aren’t the biggest provider going. In fact, they purposely don’t create hundreds of games to plough as much and resources into creating the ‘perfect’ game (if one exists) as they can.

List of Aristocrat Casinos


If ever there was a company who followed the quality over quantity motto then Aristocrat might just be them. They only have 20 slots across their whole online selection, which if you think that some of the larger companies offer 20 or even 30 times this amount, it puts into perspective how relatively small they are.

But, that aside what you are going to be getting from aristocrat is a range of really top quality games. Their innovative approach to the industry has ben very refreshing to see and we were delighted when we saw that they included a number of branded games as well, but more on those later. For now we wanted to touch on the slots that they had made from ground up, as these are often the games that define companies such as Aristocrat.

The first port of call was to a game called Goblins Gold. We will admit, we’d heard of the game previously and seen that it had gotten rave reviews from a number of reputable casino sites. Now, we wont go as far as saying that they game was up to standards that were previously raved about by other reviews, but we could see where they were coming from. It included a good range of bonuses, features and the design was fine, but it’s not going to set the world alight.

A couple more of their own-brand games were then tested like Sky Rider 2 and African Big 5. To be honest, they followed a very similar pattern in that the games themselves were good enough, but the designs were a little basic. Not a great start.

At this point we felt we ended to get stuck into the main events from Aristocrat; the branded slots. As huge Walking Dead fans we headed on over to the Walking Dead II slot and started her up. Finally, this is what we had been looking for. The first thing that hits you is the exciting theme music and the almost movie like game.  The game includes several characters from the TV show but it also has tons of bonus and feature rounds to play. Within just a few minutes we had already unlocked 2 boons round, with another couple more available to get.

We had to drag ourselves away from the Walking Dead II slot, it was that good. But, we knew that more branded games were on offer and again being fans of the TV show, this drew us towards The Big Bang Theory slot. We aren’t even ashamed to admit that it’s Penny we all want to see, but having all the cast on offer was a really nice touch. Again, a huge range of bonus rounds can be explored and you get some nice voice overs from a number of the cast. There are also 10 mystery bonuses that can be played throughout the slot, with one of them loading up 4 different slot tables, massively increasing your chance of winning. Fans of the game are going to love the slot, but even those whoa rent familiar with the TV show will find it very easy to get submerged in this slightly whacky online slot.

The site included a number of other branded games as well, which were Sons of Anarchy, Game of Thrones and Batman. Again, each of these could more than hold their own against any slots within the industry.

The downside is that the range of games on offer is limited and they would have to be used in conjunction with other casino software providers. This isn’t a massive issue, but we did find that a few of the ‘lesser’ games, if you can call them that, weren’t in the same league as the branded titles that were on offer.


The company was started in 1953 in an attempt to create a new range of casino slots and games. Obviously at this time it was all from land based casinos and Aristocrat launched with their first casino game, The Clubmaster. Looking back now, it was quite the beast and although the concepts of the game hasn’t changed all that much from your penny slot machines, the looks and features clearly have.

In 1960 the company moved out of their Sydney base and started to get their products into casinos across Europa and the US. By 1962 they had games dotted across Las Vegas, which even then was still considered to be the gambling capital of the world. It was around the 1970’s where the company started to go digital with their games and this saw a huge change in how their games were not only designed, but also how they functioned.

By 1983 the company had come up with the Virtual Reel, which meant that certain reels could be weighted to increase how many times it paid out. This practice essentially still happens today and is known as the Return To Player percentage, although these days it can be adjusted electronically.

By 1990 the company were listed as public company on the Australian Stock Exchange. They had also by this stage managed to release technology that helped with the introduction of Wi-Fi and also to help hearing aids function more efficiently. By 2006 the company had flourished with the growth of online casino games, but the next 3 years proved to be very tough. They underwent huge changes at a senior level and decided to cut back on the land based casinos games to concentrate on their online and mobile presence. 

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