Online Bingo Sites

The UK has had a love affair with bingo for many years, and the game is played in high street bingo halls througout the country every day. In recent years more people are choosing to play online rather than in a traditional bingo hall, resulting in the closure of over 30% of the UK's 600 bingo venues in the past 10 years.

At the same time online bingo has gone from strength to strength, and there are hundreds of different bingo websites which you can choose to play on. The online bingo revolution, which kicked up a gear after becoming compatible with mobile phones and tablets, has also introduced a new set of players to the game. No longer is bingo solely played by grandmas with blue hair - these days you're just a likely to find younger players.

So, with all this choice, where do you play? Below you'll find a guide to what we think are the best bingo sites for UK players*. Here we whittle down the choices to hand select safe, recommended places to play online bingo. If you're the type of player who likes to move around, then we have a bigger list on our bingo bonuses page.

* For various reasons we're focussing on the UK in this section. Non-UK players can join some of these sites, but not all. If demand dictates, we'll expand this to include bingo from other countries, but historically all of the interest we receive is from the UK.

Best Online Bingo Sites For December, 2018

Gala Bingo

Gala is a name synonymous within the bingo section and even thought they come from a massively reputable name, the site doesn’t fail to deliver. What we really enjoyed about the site is that you were able to link up your account from the brick and mortar Gala casinos and bingo halls, giving you the ability to sue funds for both online and offline.

What you’re going to get online is a huge range of games to choose from, with side games being some of the most in-depth that we have seen. The VIP section has been a welcomed addition as well, especially for players who are loyal to the brand.

Please gamble responsibly, 18+, T&C's apply
888 Ladies

888 is one of the biggest gambling brands in the world, so it probably comes as little surprise to hear that they also have one of the best bingo sites. The first thing that strikes you as you enter the site is the fresh, modern feel it has, which is imperative in our eyes.

They offer up a great range of games to choose from as well, which you would expect from one of the best. What’s most interesting about the site is that they include a plethora of promotions, ranging from free games to progressive jackpots and side games.

Please gamble responsibly, 18+, T&C's apply
32Red Bingo

32Red are another of the biggest hitters in the gambling industry, with their bingo options bringing in a great range of games and offers. The bingo section has evolved over the years, moving more towards 80 and 90 ball variations.

The site is packed with features such as jackpot games, bingo slots and a great community feel to it. It’s also worth noting that 32Red offer some of the best promotions for bingo players as well, making it a lucrative option for most players.

Please gamble responsibly, 18+, T&C's apply
Ladbrokes Bingo

Ladbrokes Bingo operates on the popular Virtue Fusion network which offers regular games, decent jackpots and full mobile compatibility. For slot fans Ladbrokes also have not one, but three sections of slot games giving you hundreds to choose from.

As you'd expect there are plenty of regular offers, promotions and competitions to keep you interested. They also offer a great tiered loyalty program called 'on the house rewards' which dishes out bonuses and credits for free bingo. And the higher your tier, the better the rewards.

Please gamble responsibly, 18+, T&C's apply
Coral Bingo

The Coral name may be more commonly associate with sports betting, but their bingo site should not be overlooked. Especially considering the fact that they belong to the same parent company as bingo behemoths Gala, who have clearly influenced the Coral site (in a good way).

Like Gala, Coral also offer exclusive bingo games - such as 50 ball bingo - and lots and lots (and lots) of promotions. These range from the standard free bingo through to giveaways that run into the hundreds of thousands of pounds. Plus slots bonuses, free scratchcards, and plenty of other goodies.

They also have some pretty unique features - such as being able to deposit in cash via any Coral high street bookie. And, conversely, pick up your bingo winnings in cash within minutes of winning it. All in all, a very well run site.

Please gamble responsibly, 18+, T&C's apply

Bingo Chat Room Games

Online bingo is immensely popular not just for its bonuses, progressive jackpots, and loyalty schemes, but also for its chat facilities. Players can really let themselves go and make as much noise as they please while playing online bingo, unlike offline bingo, which requires perfect silence and concentration.

Bingo gaming software comes with features such as auto daub, which automatically marks off the numbers as they are being called, leaving online bingo players free to socialize, chat with chat moderators and other bingo players in chat room, play side games and win large pots, and participate in exciting chat rooms and win either cash prizes or bingo points that can later be exchanged for cash or bingo tickets.

A chat room is a virtual room for players to meet and exchange text messages. Each chat room is moderated by a chat host or chat moderator who sees that everybody is having a good time and that everybody is following the basic chat room etiquette. Chat hosts also conduct chat games and give away prizes in points or cash. Online bingo sites organize a large number of chat games throughout the day, but if players are impatient for one, they can just request the chat hosts to conduct a chat game.

Chat games are not at all difficult to play. Players do not need to know any rules, employ any strategy, or have any skills to understand, play, and win a chat game. The chat host will explain the game, and if players do not understand something, they only have to ask the chat host. Usually, chat games require players be the first to type something in the chat message box.

Online bingo site offer zillions of chat games based on numbers, letters, trivia, names, birthdays, and so on. The toughest of them might be in the form of a quiz; even then, players hardly need to spend hours in preparation. Chat games are meant to be fun; they are not to be taken seriously. Usually, bingo players play chat games in between two major bingo games or while a major bingo game is going on. Chat games serve the multiple purposes of amusing players and helping them have fun, socialize, make bingo friends, and win some extra points.

The most popular chat games played at popular online bingo sites are Odds and Evens, Birthday Bingo, Bull’s Eye, Roulette, Lucky Gem, At the Races, Horse Races, Cube, Alphabet Soup, Blackjack, Double Trouble, Lucky 7, and Tic Tac Toe, to mention just a few.

Bingo players should note that the chat games offered at different bingo sites and the various terms and conditions associated with them depend on the site. Different bingo sites offer different prizes for chat games; while some may offer only points, others may offer a mixture of cash prizes, bonus bingo money, and points. Bingo sites may also require players to be real money depositing players who have purchased a specified number of bingo tickets to participate in chat games.

Responsible Gambling & Managing Your Bingo Bankroll

Bingo players are under the mistaken impression that fund management is unnecessary because it does not involve high stakes. But people are still gambling when they are playing bingo, and since you spend money purchasing tickets, you need to keep track of how much you've spent if you don’t want to end up broke. 

A bingo bankroll comprises the amount of real money in a player’s real money account. However, bonus money, loyalty points, chat points, and others also need to be taken into consideration if they can be used to purchase bingo tickets and win real money prizes.

Ideally, you should decide how much money you can afford to spend playing bingo. And once you have lost that much money, then stop playing. It's also a good idea to have some kind of idea of how much money they would like to win, and once you hit that magic number, collect your winnings and leave. There is no point in going on playing for an eternity just because you are on a winning streak.

The most important of all gambling rules is that players should never use money earmarked for something else for their gambling activities, especially things like bills and rent. Only use funds they can afford to set aside for the simple joys of playing bingo.