Online Casino Bonuses & Offers

On this page, you'll find all of the casino bonuses that are on offer from trusted online casinos. All of these offers are exclusive to new players and are often referred to as casino welcome bonuses or sign up bonuses (SUB). Many of the casinos will also have ongoing promotions for existing players, but you'll need to be new to the casino to claim the ones listed on this page.

The list below should help you compare the casino bonuses quickly and easily. There are two main types of bonus - no deposit bonuses and deposit bonuses. The no deposit bonuses are in the left hand bonus column and include free spins and free casino chips - all of which can be claimed without making a deposit (we also have a separate list that just lists no deposit casino bonuses).

On the right are the deposit match bonuses - these require you to make a deposit in order to claim them, but they tend to be for larger amounts. The percentage match varies but usually starts at around 100% and can go as high as 400%. Generally speaking, the more generous the bonus percent, the more you have to play with it before you can withdraw.

You can also filter the casino bonus list by using the search box on the right hand side of the page. Using this search you can filter by casino software, payment method, currency and language (or a combination of all 4).

  • Please note: We're rebuilding our bonus database, please bear with us. In the meantime you can see a list of recommended online casinos here (most of which have sign up bonuses).

Casino Bonuses Explained

For most players, one of the main attractions of an online casino is the bonus money that it offers. Playing with a casino bonus allows you to play for longer and gives you a better chance of winning, however they also come with terms and conditions attached, which can sometimes be confusing. This article will help you decipher the bonus terms and guide you in finding the casino bonus that is right for you.

Types Of Bonus

Not all casino bonus offers are the same, in fact there are a number of different types of bonus available. Luckily they usually fit into one of two categories, both of which contain two sub-categories.

No Deposit Bonus

A no deposit bonus is just that, a bonus you receive without having to first make a deposit. No deposit bonuses sometimes have a maximum cashout amount (it is after all, free money) and you will often find that if you win and wish to make a withdrawal that you first have to make a real money deposit - this is just to prove that you're a real person, and to reduce fraud. Both of these conditions should be clearly stated in the terms and conditions of the bonus offer. If you are unsure of the terms, send an e-mail to the casino customer service and ask them for clarification.

There are two types of no deposit bonus:

  • Free Chips: Free chips appear in your casino account which you can play with to win real money. Free chip offers are usually quite modest in value (less than $100), but they are an excellent way of trying out a casino with absolutely no risk to your own funds. If you are new to online casinos, this is where I would recommend you start. 
  • Free Time/Free Play Offers: Free play offers are a relatively new addition to the world of online casino bonuses and involve a set length of free play. This free play may be time based, where you have an hour to try out the casino games with the casinos money, or activity based, such as 100 free spins on a slot machine. In both cases, when the free play session is over you are able to transfer any winnings to a real money account. The amount you can transfer is usually capped, with any winnings over this amount being forfeited. To make the transfer you may have to make a token deposit (such as $20) and your bonus winning will have a wagering requirement attached to them. After you have met the requirements, your balance is available to be withdrawn.  

Match Deposit Bonus

Once you've dipped your feet into the water of no deposit bonuses, the next step is a deposit bonuse. A deposit bonus is awarded after making a qualifying deposit with your own money and, like the no deposit bonuses, will have terms and conditions attached.

There are currently two forms of deposit bonus - fully cashable bonuses and non-withdrawable ("sticky") bonuses.

  • Fully Cashable Bonuses: A fully cashable bonus is as good as cash, meaning that after you have met the wagering requirements attached to the bonus you are free to withdraw your entire balance. Fully cashable bonuses are usually a straight chip for chip match, meaning if you deposit $100 you receive $100 in bonus chips, giving you $200 to play with. If you were to win $1000, you would be able to withdraw the full $1000 which is made up of your deposit, your bonus and your winnings.
  • Non-withdrawable ('Sticky') Bonuses: A 'sticky' bonus is a bonus that you can play with for as long as you like, but when you decide to withdraw your winnings, the bonus is first removed from your balance. Sticky bonuses are usually a much higher percentage match, giving you 2, 3 or even 4 bonus chips for every chip that you deposit. For example, you may deposit $100 and receive $200 in bonus chips, giving you $300 to play with. If you were to get your balance up to $1000 and requested a withdrawal, the $200 in bonus chips would first be removed resulting in a cashout of $800. To put them simply, you get to keep your winnings, but not the bonus.

Understanding Casino Bonus Terms and Conditions

In the early days of online casinos, a bonus was often given with little or no playthrough requirements attached to it. But as people discovered how to take advantage of offers that were too generous, bonus terms & conditions mutated into the complex monsters they are today. They aren't actually that hard to understand, but can be overwhelming if you've never come across one before. Keep the following questions in mind as you read through the terms and conditions:

  • What Type Of Bonus Is It? As we discussed above, casino bonus offers come in a number of different forms. It should be clear from the terms and conditions what type of bonus it is. Phrases such as 'play bonus money' are used to refer to 'sticky' bonuses. If in doubt, contact customer services before you claim the bonus.
  • What Are The Wagering Requirements? Wagering Requirements, often called Playthrough Requirements are the amount, in wagers, you have to make before you can request a withdrawal. Usually specified as a multiplier, this can be as low as 10x the amount of the bonus received although somewhere in the region of 30x - 50x the bonus is much more common.
  • Are There Any Wagering Limits? Some casino bonus offers require you to not place bets higher than a set level before you have met your wagering requirements. This could be a specific value, such as no bets higher than $10, or a percentage, such as no bets higher than 50% of the bonus awarded. On the flip side, some casinos require you to make bets no lower than a minimum value.
  • What Games Can You Play? Not all games are equal when it comes to casino bonus offers. Some casinos will exclude wagers placed on certain games (such as blackjack) from contributing towards the wagering requirements, whilst others dissallow even playing excluded games until the wagering requirements have been met. In a large number of casinos you can play almost any game, but the contribution of certain games towards the wagering requirements is lower than for others. For example, at 32Red wagers placed on slot machines count 100% towards the wagering requirement, whilst wagers on roulette count for 50%. This means you would have to wager twice the amount on roulette that you would if you were playing slots. If there is a particular game you wish you play, use our casino search feature to identify bonuses that can be used to play that game.
  • Are Players From Your Country Excluded? Unfortunately, for a number of reasons, casinos may choose to not offer bonuses to players from certain countries. This is for a variety of reasons and should be clearly stated in the terms and conditions.  You can also find a list of excluded countries on the review page for each casino. You can also use our casino search to show only casinos that allow players from your country to redeem bonuses.