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Aside from having probably the best name in the whole of the online casino industry, Thunderkick have managed to carve out a nice little opening for themselves in the games design sector. What’s been impressive to see from the folks at Thunderkick is that they realise they are small, they realise they cant compete with some larger, much more established brands, but they just go about their business and let their passion for games design and software development really shine through.

Thunderkick has only been about since 2012 and already have some of the most amazing casino games that we have seen. They have picked up several industry awards already, most notably for innovation from the IGR awards, but aside from all that, casinos are noticing them, which is the ultimate compliment. Their products come mainly in an HTML5 format, which means you can access them on both you mobile and desktop computers.

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So, Thunderkick only work with online slot for the time being and we would probably guess for the foreseeable future as well. They only have 15 games in total at the minute and they don’t even release new titles all that often. In fact, due to the size of the company it takes them months to develop new features with just a couple of additions to their portfolio in the last 12 months or so.

You’re probably expecting us to really lay into the company at this point and explain where they are going wrong. But, in fact we are going to do the exact opposite and prise them for what they have given us so far.

We need to get out of our heads about all seeing, all doing software providers that offer up the most games across the widest spectrum. That’s not what companies like Thunderkick are about. They are small, they probably have less than a dozen people working for them and they probably have some crazy Scandinavian looking, quirky, messy office that fits their needs perfectly. We say all this because the 15 games that are on offer might just 15 of the best that we have played.

That’s not prised that is often lavished upon a company like Thunderkick, but we think it’s totally worth it at this point. The games not only look aesthetically pleasing, but they also function brilliantly well and allow players to really get submerged in the story line for each game. Thunderkick have designed their games to guide you through the unknown with their slots and allow you to really get lost within the game, if only for a few precious minutes.

There are many games that we want to talk about, but our standout has to be that of Spectra. This game took us by surprise a little in that I’s a pretty simple game with will re-spins, wild nudges and stacked wilds helping you throughout. But, it was the design and gameplay that really stood out. It looks absolutely stunning in a simplistic kind of way and we found ourselves just getting mesmerised by the colours, sounds and features that were on offer. Couple that with all the in-game bonus rounds and you might just have the perfect slot.

After dragging ourselves away from Spectra we stumbled upon Turning Totems, which we believe is one of their latest additions to their portfolio. This game has a totally different feel to the one just mentioned and is much louder and in your face. The totems that you see are noisy little blighters and with this adds to the excitement and once again, flawless design that’s on offer.

Finally we wanted to quickly give a mention to The Rift, which again manages to take on a while different complexion than the other games on offer. This takes on a much faster pace and look to it, with its dark colour scheme and plethora of wilds and bonus rounds to choose from. It’s not a game that you are going to sit for hours playing, as it’s too fast for that, but for a quick game when time is short, it’s perfect!


Thunderkick were founded in 2012 and are based out of Stockholm, Sweden. The company are still relatively new to the gaming industry, but have come in with big ideas to try and be the best they can be.

What’s been impressive to see from Thunderkick is that they haven’t moved far away from their initial goal of creating eth best possible casino games that they can. Whilst the selection is small, they have to be some of the best-designed and immersive games that we have come across. We wouldn’t be surprised to read in the next year or two that one of the bigger players have acquired them, but we hope they let them keep doing what they’ve been doing to see the current batch of success that they ‘ve had.

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